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Visita guiada Románico de Romancero
Visita guiada Románico de Romancero

Romanesque guided tour of Romancero

Taking the Romancero as a common thread, we will visit some of the monuments related to the history of the Siege of Zamora, as well as some outstanding examples of the Romanesque of our city located in the vicinity of the Duero River: San Claudio de Olivares and Santiago de los Caballeros. A perfect way to get closer to the history and heritage of the “well fenced”, with the unbeatable views of the Duero that Aceñas de Olivares will provide us.

Guarte, guarte, King Don Sancho!
do not say that I do not warn you,
that from within Zamora a treacherous has come out;
His name is Vellido Dolfos, son of Dolfos Vellido,
four betrayals he has done, and with this there will be five.
If the father was a great traitor, the son is a greater traitor.

Shouts give in the real: Don Sancho has been badly wounded!
Vellido Dolfos has died, what a great betrayal he has committed!
Even if he had you dead, he went through a shutter,
down the streets of Zamora he is shouting and shouting:
It was time, Dona Urraca, to fulfill what was promised.


Puerta del Obispo, viewpoint over the Duero, Aceñas de Olivares, San Claudio de Olivares, Santiago de los Caballeros, Wall, Portillo de la Lealtad, surroundings of the Castle.

Guided tour fees

Adults 10 Euros (VAT included)

Children from 5 to 12 years old 5 Euros (VAT Included)

Children from 0 to 4 years old Free

Meeting point:

Door of the Bishop of the Cathedral of Zamora

Start time:

May, June, September and October | Friday and Saturday | 5:00 p.m.

July and August | Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday | 18.00 hours

Approximate duration:

2 hours | The visits are made by Tourist Guides authorized by the Junta de Castilla y León

Mandatory reservation


– Check the special hours for the bridges
– Visits may be canceled or changed due to force majeure or beyond our control.
– The price includes visit and radio-receiver (headset not included for hygienic reasons, if you do not have one or it is not compatible with the radio-receiver you can purchase a unit at the beginning of the tour for 1 Euro).
– COVID-19 PREVENTION / In the development of the activity we comply with the protocols to minimize the hygienic-sanitary risks caused by the Covid-19

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