BurgosThe city of Burgos deserves a careful visit to its many medieval monuments. In the morning we dedicate a good part of the visit to the Cathedral and its surroundings. We start the visit at the Puerta de Santa María on the banks of the Arlanzón river continuing to the Cathedral, the church of San Nicolás and from there we will go to the Llanas de Afuera and de Adentro, the Plaza Mayor, the Palacio del Cordón and the church of Saint Lesmes.
Duration: Half Day
The visit can be complemented to a Full Day visiting other places of interest in the afternoon: Las Huelgas Monastery, the Cartuja de Miraflores or the Museum of Human Evolution.


We go to the Monastery of Silos to enjoy one of the best Romanesque cloisters. We continue to the town of Covarrubias where we will walk through the town to discover the typical architecture of the mountains and visit the Triptych of the Adoration of the Collegiate Church of San Cosme and San Damian. We will finish the day visiting the town of Lerma.
Duration: Full Day


Visit to the Santa Clara Monastery and the Merindades Historical Museum in Medina de Pomar. From there we will approach the Mena Valley to visit the churches of Santa María de Siones and San Lorenzo in Vallejo de Mena.
Duration: Full Day.

santa maria aranda de duero

We will start the day visiting the Roman city of Clunia Sulpicia: Theater, forum, thermal baths and mosaics of its stately homes. From there we will go to Peñaranda de Duero to visit the Monastery of the Vine and we will finish in Aranda de Duero visiting the church of Santa María.
Duration: Full Day.


This area stands out for its picturesque villages. We will start the day walking through the town of Briviesca. From there we will go to Oña to visit the Pantheon of the Kings and to Poza de la Sal to see its Roman salt flats. We will end the day visiting Frías with its slender castle and the sanctuary of Santa Casilda, patron saint of the region.
Duration Full Day.